Updates from the CAHS Faculty Senators

Updates from the CAHS Faculty Senators

May 2024

Sharing an update on the proposed changes to the NC State Health Plan administrator from Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) to Aetna, beginning in 2025.

An update on the above-proposed change to a new administrator (Aetna) was shared in the report by our UNC Faculty Assembly delegate at the Faculty Senate meeting last week.

  • We were told that the insurance coverage would not change, just the plan administrator for the state employees’ health insurance to the new administrator, Aetna.
  • To help point the UNC Systems office in the right direction to negotiate on behalf of state employees to ensure a smooth transition, faculty and staff are encouraged to provide feedback on anticipated issues with their providers with this planned switch from Blue Cross to Aetna. The biggest issue presented by UNC Faculty Assembly members at their last meeting was rural residents’ ability to retain their current healthcare provider and for continuity of care with their current provider if they were not in the Aetna network of participating providers.

Please send your feedback on anticipated issues to the CAHS Senators (Toyin Babatunde babatundeo@ecu.edu, Lauren Turbeville turbevillel20@ecu.edu, Andrew Vermiglio vermiglioa@ecu.edu) ONLY. Please do not reply to all.

The compiled list of feedback on anticipated issues from CAHS will be forwarded by your CAHS Senators to the appropriate contact.

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