CON-CAHS Research Administration Hub


CON-CAHS Research Administration Hub


About the Hub

The purpose of the College of Nursing – College of Allied Health Sciences Research Administration Hub is to provide expertise and support in pre-award and post-award activities for faculty in CON and CAHS. Our colleges have diverse and growing grant portfolios. The Hub oversees a variety of research and research-related accounts including internal grants, extramural grants, institutional start-up funds, grant/contract reassignment time (GCRT) funds, and indirect cost accounts. The Hub also provides support for budget development, application support, and faculty development.


Meet the Staff

Jessica Miller, BS
Pre-Award Grant Manager

Towanna Rouse, BS
Post-Award Grant Manager



Donella Mayes-Mitchell, BS
Post-Award Grant Manager
(252) 744-6235
Anniette Keyes, BS
Grant Manager
Candice Shepard
Admin Support Specialist
(252) 744-6537