2024 CAHS Research Day Winners !

On April 24, 2024, The College of Allied Health Sciences Research Committee held the eighth annual Student College Research

Choice Awards:

· Oral Presentation Winners –

o Ankur Padhye – The Impact of Cushioned Flooring on Metatarsophalangeal Joint Loads During Single Leg Landings Ankur Padhye; Stacey Meardon; John Willson

o Zoey Bezanson – Horse Versus Horse Simulator: An Investigation of Sensory Processing Patterns and Engagement in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Zoey Bezanson; Heather Panczykowski

· Poster Presentation Winners –

o Ashley Bailey – Age Differences in Brain Activation during Concurrent Visual, Auditory Attention, and Balance Tasks Ashley Bailey; Shelby Boatwright; Rui Wu; Shanyue Guan; Brian Sylcott; Chia-Cheng Lin

o Shaila Kennedy – Analysis of Activity Levels and How These Levels Compare Across Age Groups Shaila Kennedy; Ruth Core; Young Kim

o Natalie McBryde – Effects of Hand Arm Bimanual Intensive Therapy (HABIT) on the Perception of Hand Use and Real-World Bimanual Performance in Children with Unilateral Cerebral Palsy Natalie McBryde; Christine Lysaght; Holly Holland; Shailesh Gardas; Grant Kirkman; Casey Burroughs; John Willson; Swati Surkar

o Charlotte Pete – Differences in Activity Levels Among Instrumental Activities of Daily Living and Physical Activity in Older Adults Charlotte Pete; Haleigh Solochier; Young Joo Kim

o Lillian Higgs – Impacts of Weekly Handwriting Intervention on Third-Grade Students Lillian Higgs; Sydney Frank; Anna Watson; Isha Patel; Denise Donica

o Audrey Curtis – Knee joint forces during running and jumping on standard flooring versus cushioned sports flooring Audrey Curtis; Ankur Padhye; Stacey Meardon; John Willson

Judges’ Awards:

· Oral Presentation Winners –

o Ellen Cahoon – Occupational Therapy and the Americans with Disabilities Act: Examining Practitioners’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Implementation Ellen Cahoon; Anne Dickerson

o Shailesh Gardas – Effects of Hand-Arm Bimanual Intensive Therapy (HABIT) in improving upper extremity (UE) performance in children with hemiplegia and identify predictors for therapy success Shailesh S. Gardas; Christine Lysaght; Natalie McBryde; Caroline Pusey; Katie Woosley; Charity Patterson; Swati M. Surkar

· Poster Presentation Winners – Uundergraduate

o Megan Bowling – The Impact of Personality on Speech Accommodation Between L1 and L2 Speakers: Evidence from a Mixed-Reality Study Megan Bowling; Rose Baker; Dai’Sha Dowson; Elisha Eanes; Hannah Ragsdale; Makyah McNeill; Audrey Eaves; Susan C. Bobb; Joseph G. Lee; Kathrin Rothermich

o Daniel Morgan – Time of Day Effect on Knee Osteoarthritis Loading Daniel Morgan; John Willson; Ryan Wedge

· Poster Presentation Winners – Masters/Clinical Doctorate/Research Doctorate

o Mark Gardner – Association of Timing and Displacement Measures with Bolus Clearance Ratio following Intensive Prophylactic Therapy in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Mark Gardener; Deirdre Larsen

o Wesley Collier – Increased Performance Errors in Saccadometry with Aging Wesley D. Collier; Daniel Demian; Michelle Petrak; Glen Zielinski; Elizabeth Fuemmeler; Chia-Cheng Lin

o Anne Sequin – The Effect of Parental Demographics and Postpartum Activity Levels on Infant Neuromotor Outcomes Anna Seguin; Jessica Stephens; Kara Kern; Linda May; Amy Gross McMillan

o Jill Wronsky – Gait and Balance Ability is Associated with Quality of Life in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder Jill Wronsky; Ashley Bailey; Samantha Gaskins; Ruth Little; Chia-Cheng Lin

We congratulate the research achievements of all student-researchers and faculty within the College of Allied Health Sciences.