Meet Our Students

Rose Baker

Rose Baker is a second-year doctoral student and linguist who hopes to focus her research on the intersection of social communication, neuroscience, and linguistic theory. She received her BA from Gordon College in Massachusetts and has experience working in minority language development. Her current work focuses on speech accommodation theory, neuroscientific methods such as EEG and pupillometry, and communication with older adults or nonnative speakers of English.

Shailesh S. Gardas

Shailesh S. Gardas earned his BS and MS in Physical Therapy with concentration in neurorehabilitation from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik, India. Shailesh is a third-year doctoral student. His research interests include exploring novel rehabilitation approaches utilizing newer technologies and their influence on the brain structure and functional recovery in children with neuromotor disabilities.


Imani Gilbert

Imani Gilbert is a fourth-year doctoral student. She received both her BS and MS from East Carolina University. Imani’s current research interests are related to speech imaging and anatomical correlates of speech production. She is also passionate about the scholarship of teaching in learning within the field of communication sciences and disorders.

Ankur Padhye

Ankur Padhye is a third-year doctoral student and licensed physical therapist. He earned his BS in Physical Therapy from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, India, and his MS in Health Sciences from the University of Indianapolis. Ankur’s research interests relate to movement analysis of sports injuries and injury prevention. Currently, his research is directed towards understanding foot biomechanics in the athletic population.


Amber Faircloth

Amber Faircloth is a first-year doctoral student and speech-language pathologist. She received both her BS and MS from East Carolina University. Amber’s research interests include understanding contributing factors to the experience of stuttering and developing clinician-friendly tools and treatment methods for people who stutter.

Taylor Snodgrass

Taylor Snodgrass is a fourth-year doctoral student and craniofacial SLP at ECU’s clinic. She received both her BS and MS from West Virginia University. Her research interests include anatomical and physiological variations of the velopharyngeal mechanism, speech outcomes in children who present with speech sound disorders secondary to cleft palate, and surgical outcomes related to craniofacial anomalies.

Neda Tahmasebifard

Neda Tahmasebifard is in her final semester of her PhD program. She plans to defend her dissertation in the fall semester and graduate in December 2023.


Samantha Power

Samantha Power is a first-year doctoral student. She received both her BS and MS from the University of Wyoming. Her research interests include anatomical variations and surgical outcomes in the cleft palate population.

Keerthana Surabhi

Keerthana Surabhi, DVM graduated from Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University, Tirupati, India in 2023. Keerthana is a first-year PhD student working in Dr. Szatmari’s lab. Her research focuses on understanding small GTPase signaling pathways involved in neurodegenerative disorders.

Recent Student Publications (PDF)